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A city is alone

A city is alone, the natural scenery is a facial features, the human landscape creates temperament, and the things of interest are mostly reflected in the marketplace such as eating, drinking and playing. Some people say that the city is a book that opens. I think my hometown is a flowing picture. The change of the dynasty, the passing of the years, engraved the annual ring of the hometown, the prosperity and prosperity of the past, and painted the hometown into a long historical picture. When I was seventeen years old, I left my hometown and went to the far northeast. Every year during the winter and summer vacations, I was traveling between the hometown and my hometown. Nostalgia is a kind of lingering feelings. A long-distance wanderer is like a flying kite. No matter where you go, where to fly, the heart is always entangled by the thin line. Later, I worked in the provincial capital. Because of my professional relationship, I used to pull the bag, walk in the crowded market, indulge in the scenery of the desert Cigarettes For Sale , wait for the red sun to sneak out, enjoy the sunset in the west, and taste the thousand A hundred flavors of snacks, you can see the world of the world. My hometown is also a stop for me when I am physically and mentally exhausted. When I encounter setbacks, my hometown in Hong Kong is a small town. When I return home, I often walk through the gates to see the old streets and low-rise workshops. Into the Imperial Street, taste the old-fashioned business style, and feel the long history of the past; cross Pan, Yang Erhu, board the Long Pavilion, overlook the tower, Imagine the love of the Emperor of the Imperial City, listen to the Royal City The thickness of the Imperial City. Hometown, perhaps her vicissitudes of life, or her crowds, the towering tower, the bright night market, is clearly a flowing picture, a flowing Qingming River map. Every time I see the Qingming River map in my hometown, I will be touched by the waves of the world, and I will stay for a long time. It turned out that my heart never left here. A few years ago, I chose a room lamp for my study in the lighting store. The various kinds of lamps made me dazzled. When I was unable to show it, the lampshade on the Qingming River was reflected in my eyes. The Hongqiao above the Feihe River was presented in 360 panorama. Out of its courts and market wells, only those born in Kaifeng and longer than Kaifeng can understand the dwarf behind it and behind it. I admire the designer's unique ingenuity, let it accompany me in the dead of night, concentrating on studying, concealing contemplation, and passing through the whole year and now I am coming to Japan across the sea, the changes in my hometown are changing with each passing day, and the road is widening day by day. The tall buildings are row upon row Newport Cigarettes , but every time I go back, the familiar face is still the familiar hometown atmosphere. On the ancient city wall, there are my childhood footprints. There are grass scent I have smelled on the moat. My brother told me that Lu Zhishen has fallen down the willows. I am small and I am going to read the loyalty Yang family with the door... It��s a memory of the time. Sealing, always evokes the feelings of my distant wandering Cheap Cigarettes . Concerned, there is no distance, even if it is far away, I still feel that you are caring around, there are lengths,
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