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The past is like a

The past is like a cigarette, but the past is not as good as smoke. Standing at the threshold of the New Year, the dream of childhood is like a surging tide, rolling and the school has a winter vacation, ready to welcome the New Year. In the past, because of the poor days, I always look forward to the coming of the year. Because of the happy days of the New Year, I can often get a pair of new cockroaches made by my mother, especially the beans or peanut granules that my mother has fried. It makes my childhood full of fragrance. If you are entangled in your parents, you will often get a folk juggling "skin tiger." At that time, the popular words in the streets were: "skin tigers, leather tigers, drumsticks and drums." If the children can get the little toys that the parents reward, the other children will please beside him, pray for the best to enjoy the New Year��s coming. In the past, due to the economic backwardness, there is no electricity in the countryside. Talking about TV, tape recorders, computers, etc., there are not so many toys today. On the occasion of the New Year, the children create some play items themselves. Such as the homemade "foreign fire pistol", a bicycle spoke, bent into a pistol-like shape, take the copper cap and rubber band, install a fine match head powder in the groove of the copper cap, pull the trigger, it will issue " The sound of "ž" is so deafening. The power of this homemade ocean fire pistol far exceeds that of firecrackers. As a result, several children, like to "hold the gun", later entered the military barracks. Playing Bajiai is also popular in the streets and lanes at the time Newport Cigarettes . This is a favorite entertainment project for young boys. This kind of entertainment project is easy to develop. From the wild trees in the village gully, use a sickle to cut into short wooden sticks for use as a knocker. Then take a shorter strip of wood and cut the ends into a pointed shape. The lid is made. Then, return to the village, draw a small circle on the ground side of the wall, place a neat stone in the circle, place the short wooden strip on it, and then use the short wooden stick to slap the shorter The wooden stick (commonly known as Otherwise, it is necessary to pick it up from the landing place and throw it back into the circle that has been demarcated. If you enter the circle, this is the winner; otherwise, it is the loser. This kind of entertainment project can not only improve the accuracy of people's eyesight and movement, but also enhance the level of people's competition. Therefore, if you are very popular with your partner, you will like to kick the dice or roll the dice. There are many sisters in our family, two sisters and two sisters, but I am a boy. Very popular with my grandmother Marlboro Cigarettes , because it is the continuation of the family incense. Parents don't agree, children are the same, what boys and girls. Therefore, I have been a little feminine since I was young, and I lack the image of a big man. Therefore, the sisters play the dice, and I follow the play. To this end, the sisters complained to me, "You are a boy, play Bakga, don't be here." I often sneak in tears, but I can take the opportunity to join the shuttlecock or roll the dice. Happy day by day. It is very worth remembering that it is to follow the big man's ass to go to the market. Every week close to the 30th episode, we wrapped up our parents to buy hawthorn cakes, and the local people called it Hawthorn Rice Cake. One dime, one piece of fifty cents. It seems that this is a trivial matter, but it was the dream of the children, because the hawthorn cake can not be afforded by ordinary families. I saw the children of the rich family, filled the hawthorn cake into the mouth, chewed and enjoyed it with gusto, and I was so drunk that I had to turn to see the firecrackers and watch the fireworks. At that time, there were a lot of couplets on the market. I will look at the contents of the couple's couplet, and the good verses will be read repeatedly and kept in mind. After returning home, use a paper cutter to cut the red paper bought from the collection day, and follow his father to write a couplet: "Sunrise Jianghuahong wins fire, spring comes green like blue", "The courtyard is full of sunny flowers, the party shines According to my family, etc., after posting on the street door, the uncles and uncles of the neighbors praised: "The words are well written, the content is also new!" Also think that the hand of the father is 30 years old, which is the traditional New Year's Eve. This night, everyone almost sleeps with clothes, looking forward to the half-small cabbage stuffing dumplings (the year is because of poverty, can not afford meat). Set off firecrackers and eat dumplings - this is the biggest dream of my childhood Cigarettes For Sale . On the first day of the first month, start early in the morning and go out to the family's elders to celebrate the New Year. When you are lucky, you will get two cents! After the first day, I hope for fifteen. Fifteen can view the oil lamp and eat Yuanxiao. The oil lamp and Lantern Festival are all made by themselves. After the oil lamp (raw material is white flour) is steamed, inject a little cooking oil, and when the wick is burned out, you can rush to eat. Yuan Zhen, the raw materials are mostly flour and peanut crumbs. The mother's craftsmanship, the Yuanxiao scented and scented after the fifteenth, began school, and the year passed. Now, the days are getting richer, and the taste of the New Year is getting weaker and lighter, and even drifting away. Is it that when I am middle-aged, my mind has changed? There are other reasons for being indescribable. Hey, the year that contains tears, the year that infiltrated the dream, will you come again?
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